A Creative Address Generation & Location-assign Application

ANAWEEN app allows you to create, save and share your address and the addresses of your favorite places. With family and friends.

ANAWEEN says goodbye to describing your addresses with the tree on the road, traffic lights, or number of side roads … Use ANAWEEN and let it take you through the shortest ways.

What is ANAWEEN Code?

ANAWEEN Code is a 7-digit code of numbers & letters, describes the location.

We are honored after all our efforts, to see the database increasing everyday



ANAWEEN gives you all you need to go anywhere

7- Digit code easy to remember and exchange.
Addressing of any place in Libya.
Address Book.
Android& iOS.
English & Arabic.
Practical… includes randomness, future constructions, and places outside city plan.

Anaween is available on Android and iOS , Install Anaween now!

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